Gardening and lawn care should be high up your priority list if you love the outdoors. 

If you have children, you’ll have come to realise that during the warmer months, you spend an awful lot of time outside. Whether this is in the local park or in your very own back gardenthere’s nothing quite like watching your little ones play and have fun.  

 Having a safe and stunning garden for your family is something everyone wantsIn fact, creating that little piece of heaven doesn’t have to be so difficult. When you have an idea in mind, it’s time to get started on those important lawn care checks, designs, not to mention a little bit of gardening too! 

 I’ve teamed up with Greensleeves, lawn care and treatment experts, to bring you some advice on how to create that perfect family garden you’ve always dreamt of.  

 Check the size of your garden. 

Let’s be realistic. If you have a small garden, you’re limited with what you can do with it. Saying that, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful area the whole family can enjoy and get involved with. The same goes for a large garden; you might find it difficult to keep up with, or you might also struggle to think of some childfriendly ideas to make it yours! 

 Think practically; how can you best use your space? And, even more importantly, how can you ensure the space you create will be something that will not be outgrown in the next few years? Depending on the age of your children and the size of your garden, you need to make the most of what you have whilst also teaching the right skills.  

 It’s important to not only cater for your children, but to also ask for the opinions for the rest of the family. After all, it is a shared space that everyone should enjoy! 

Design it!  

Here’s the tricky but most exciting part – designing your very own space. Now, you don’t have to be an expert landscape gardener to get what you need, neither do you have to know a great deal about gardening. All you need to know is what you like and what your family would be able to make the most of.  

 Start by getting the dimensions of your garden to find out what sort of space you’re working with. Think about different areas of your garden and what you would put where. For example, if you have a larger space, you might want to use this as a play zone for the kids. Smaller spaces, for example, may be good for a vegetable patch or sensory garden. It’s all about what you would use the most.  

 Plants and greenery. 

To ensure your garden looks as pretty as possible, you need a nice selection of flowers and shrubs to make it visually pleasing. However, if you have pets or small children, you should be more careful with what you plant. Consider plants that are tough or those that aren’t dangerous or poisonous in case they are ingested by a pet. 

 Child-friendly areas. 

Young children would really appreciate their own space in the garden. Think back to when you were a child; there was probably nothing you wanted more than a secret den or a tree house! If you have the space, a dedicated area for your children can be very beneficial, especially if it’s an education or skill building area.  

 For a simple play area, think about swings, slides or a play house. For the grownups, if you’re looking for some adult space to chill out in, you could even fit in a patio and chairs!  

 Lawn care. 

Your lawn is usually a big part of your garden and to ensure it stays bright and healthy, you need to look after it. If your children are playing on it often or if it gets walked on an awful lot, you should be taking extra steps to look after it.  

 Lawn care treatment experts know how to keep your lawn looking its best, whatever the weather or season. A professional can give you the right advice on how to look after it all year round and ensure that as each year passes, you keep it well looked after and nourished. Your garden will more likely be used if it is visually pleasing.  

Gardening and lawn care is the key to creating a beautiful family garden. 

Hopefully you’ll have a good idea of how to best utilise your outside space to create a perfect family garden space. How have you created a perfect outdoor space, or what do you use your garden for? Let me know in the comments below and share you experience! 

*This post was in collaboration with Greensleeves, lawn care and treatment experts. For more information and to find out which services they offer, visit their website: 

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