I probably say this every year but I really want to make an effort to get healthy in the new year and stick to it !

Meal planning and diet

I need to finally get in to a better routine with eating during the day and not grabbing junk food. With the little ones being at different school / nursery I tend to grab something on the go ! I need to be more organised and get in to meal planning and food prep. I want to lose the baby weight for good I have lost it a few times and put it back on. 

New teeth

I also need to get my teeth sorted out finally. Since having the little ones motherhood and pregnancy really took it’s toll on my teeth. They are not as strong as they once were and I’ve had to have a couple of them out ! I’m scared of having to have anymore out or anymore fillings. I need to look in to having some dental implants as I think it will really improve my self-confidence.


I already walk quite a lot as I don’t drive and I do a decent amount of steps a day. That’s why I choose shoes with arch support. I need to do some other types of exercise too , I’m not one to be in the gym I find it boring and never stick to it. I much prefer to do some swimming or jogging – I need to schedule this in and make sure I’m doing some exercise every day. Much like exercise can be great for your skin health; you can also look into using organic and healthier makeup and skin products this year, too!


I actually really enjoy swimming it’s one of the forms of exercise I enjoy ! I find it so relaxing and quite easy. I’m going to get back in to swimming and go when the little ones are dropped off at nursery and get it done first thing. I need to get some supplies first including a new swimming costume  and some good quality goggles.

Winter walks

We plan on going on many more winter walks as a family ! It’s so good for us all to spend some quality time together ! Also to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise ! Even though it’s cold it doesn’t stop us as we just wrap up warm , the little ones will have gloves to keep them warm too as well as wooly hats and scarfs. It feels so good to get out there on an adventure !

Cut down on Mummy fuel

Since having the little ones I drink far too much coffee and diet coke ! I do this to survive the day ans not fall asleep. Before I had the little ones I barely drank coffee and my teeth were really white.

I would get loads of comments on how white there were and people would ask of I had them whitened etc. Since having the little ones they have lost their sparkle and it’s from the coffee and diet coke so I really need to cut down on this. I would love to look in to some laser teeth whitening too.

Looking after your skin 

This is so important it is good to have a set skin routine every day for this , also a good organic foundation.

I want to improve my health for the little ones too as I want to be able to run around the park and do all of these things. But also for self-confidence as since having the little ones this has really disappeared. It will be good to start gaining some of my self Identity back !

*Collaborative post

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