Before I had the little ones I was a Business and ICT teacher for 10 years , I was also head of sixth form and managed exams within the school. As you can imagine I had to be so organised and everything had to have a place.

I had so many different notebooks and files for everything and I had everything indexed. I knew where everything was and could find it quickly. Since having the little ones I have been less than organised. I still knew where everything was amongst my organised mess , it just took a little longer to find it.

Now that I am blogging full-time I am slowly getting more organised and actually have a system on the go. I have a book for my accounts etc but nothing official. I was browsing the Collins website and have found some amazing items to keep me organised and on track.

I try to plan my blog posts for the week using a planning notebook , I find it’s a great way to put all my thoughts down on to paper in one place. I also have a to do book and an accounts book. I am looking for items with specific layout pages to help my planning and prompt me to stick to the same layout etc.

I have a budget book where I write all of my posts etc that I am being paid for and items I am sent to review. I am in desperate need of an official accounts book to enable me to write it all down officially.

I have to be as organised as I can as I have various deadlines for blog posts , Instagram and social posts etc. Some deadlines are on the same day and for different brands so I have to be on top of all dates and ensure blog posts are written and scheduled on time.

Like I said I have been browsing the Collins site and have found some great items to keep me organised. I now have the following wish list –

  • The essential account book is perfect as I helps with the task of self assessment
  • A complete desk organiser – this is a fab way of keeping everything in one place – I have a number of notebooks and to consolidate them in to one would make life easier
  • A slim line diary just to keep deadlines for blog /social posts

These items will help me get on track and stay organised , what are your top hacks for staying organised?

*Collaborative post

Thoughts, Comments?

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