We love Bonfire night and always make sure we make an effort. The little ones love it too, we usually invite friends and family round to ours and have a little bonfire night party which involves fireworks , sparklers and loads of yummy food. We love spending time with the family so this is the perfect excuse to throw a party and plan all of those yummy treats for the night.

These are my must have treats / food for bonfire night – 

Hot dogs 

We love these for bonfire night as they are warming and always go down well with the little ones. I love to add a twist for the adults and add some chilli flakes to the onions whilst cooking it gives them such a fiery kick for bonfire night. I also think condiments are so important , whilst browsing online I came across a fab selection of condiments and relishes that will go perfectly on top of our hot dogs at Yumbles.

Toffee apples 

These are a must for any bonfire night celebration , we like to make different ones too including toffee , white chocolate and milk chocolate with different sprinkles. These are a massive hit with the children but Nanny and Bampy love them too!

Toasted marshmallows 

This is so much fun no matter what age you are there is nothing better than toasting marshmallows on a cold night. We get the BBQ out and make sure everyone young and old gets to have a go. Yumbles have an amazing selection of gourmet marshmallows and even have a marshmallow toasting kit which looks amazing.


Last year we made bonfire inspire cupcakes and they went down so well. We just made some red velvet recipe cupcakes with frosting and used matchmakers as the bonfire wood with red sprinkles for the fire. The little ones lobed them and thought they were so much fun.

Hot Chocolate 

Nothing better than a hot choc to warm you up whilst watching the fireworks , I like to make it in the slow cooker so that it is all ready to go and people can help themselves. There are loads of yummy recipes online for this too , you can put a twist on those modern classics. Of course you must have the classic cream on top with chocolate flakes or sprinkles. If you have any dairy allergic guests there is plenty of dairy free chocolate for sale at Yumbles.

What do you do to celebrate bonfire night and what tips do you have for yummy treats and food. I would love to hear your ideas and about the treats you create for the night.

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Thoughts, Comments?

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