Its autumn now and it won’t be long until the trees are bare and frost begins to appear. If you spend a lot of time in your garden and want to keep it looking pretty all year round, you’ll have to do some prep work before winter hits. Start by making a to-do list so that you can prioritise what you’d like to work on. Although growing season is over there will still be plenty of things you can do and it’s worth putting your ideas on paper before you get started and invest any money.

Lots of people like to invest in outdoor lights in autumn and winter because they allow homeowners to extend the use of the garden after dark. Lighting in your garden is also great for safety and security purposes because not only will the deter intruders; they’ll also prevent any trips caused by not being able to see properly. Another way to extend the use of your garden in the autumn and winter is to add a patio heater so that you can sit out without getting chilly. 

You’ll probably need to do some tidying up and general maintenance during autumn, such as clearing away dead vegetation left over from the summer and clearing out the gutters. You could plant some evergreen plants as they are a great point of interest in the dreary winter months. Autumn is also a good time to do some repair work on things like fencing or the summerhouse. It might be wise to replace some fence panels if they’re damaged because they’re only going to get worse in the winter. 

Spending a little extra time in your garden in October to prepare it for the colder weather will help it to look its absolute best in spring. There are plenty of month by month calendars online that you can use to help you figure out what sort of tasks are going to be most worthwhile for you at each time of the year. 

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