I can’t believe I’m getting my second child , my baby ready for big school ! I have learnt so much this year about what to expect from the reception year so I thought I would write it all down for those of you going through this for the first time. I found it so hard emotionally and mentally last year but feel a lot better this time around.

There is so much to take in but these are the main things to get them ready for big school.

Visit the school

Visit the school as much as you can even if it just driving up to the school and having a walk around the surrounding area. I found this really helped with Archie.

Learning at home

There are some learning books you can make a start with at home –  the Galt ones are fab and there is a great tracing book that helps them with own control and holding a pen. Also the Collins first learning books on Amazon are great and there are so many to work through there is even a starting school workbook. I found getting a simple sums and alphabet / writing one really helped get him ready. I’m now doing the same with Frankie. Just 15 mins a day really makes all of the difference.

Talk about school loads

About what they will do ,who’s going to big school out of their friends and the routine. Be on hand to answer any questions they have and always stay positive.

Play dates

Arrange a few play dates with the other little ones that are going to the school. It helps them to build friendships and it all seems less daunting when they start school.

Let them choose their lunch bag and backpack

Archie loved doing this last year and it was something to look forward to using them for the first day.

Teach them about money

Archie some days has to take in 3 lots of money – one for toast , fruit for tuck and dinner money. It can be so daunting and he doesn’t know which is which. So I bought the little money envelopes from Wilko and on his toast one I will draw a small toast and on the fruit one an apple and so on – this way he know which ones to give in and who to give it to.

Teach them to write their full name 

Comes in really handy as they have to write their name on all their school work. 


Label every item they take to school , the best way is the but the washable stick on ones as the even survive the tumble drier. They loose so many items and it’s easier to get them back if they are labeled.

Encourage more independence

They really need this and to be able to do things for themselves and make decisions. Even things like holding their own dinner tray as they will have the do this from day one. It’s so much better if they learn to do more things from themselves as it’s not such a massive shock when the go to school. Even things like wiping their own bun and gong to toilet independently – and putting on their own suncream.

There is so much to think of , these are just a few things that cross my mind when I think back to last year. Good luck , it does get easier as the year goes on and they grow up so much !

3 thoughts on “Getting your little one ready for big school”

  1. Great advice, if your child can count to at least 10 and use cutlery , if they are having school dinner is also good #twinklytuesday@_karendennis

  2. Fantastic tips – seems ages since mine started school and one left home last month to live overseas so now I need tips on that stage and how to balance supporting him and letting him find his own way in life. Love the tip about learning about money – my mum and dad did not do well there and led to a lifetime of me not managing money too well at all #TwinklyTuesday

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