One of the hardest rooms in the house to decorate is the bedroom your teenager is going to live in. We say live in because, you know, teenagers. It’s hard because while you want to have an element of control over how a room in the house looks, you also want to help your teenager to embrace their personal style and showcase their interests. The thing is, you can do this while allowing the decor to fit with the rest of the house. You just have to negotiate things that will grow with them rather than stay stagnant. It’s one of the biggest reasons that parents should look to avoid character themes: character tastes change over time!

can work together with your teenager to bring style, class and funky personality to their bedroom space, and with artwork and photos displayed in the room from companies like Pixa Prints, you can make sure that the decor goes beyond a paint job! You don’t have to have a meltdown argument over their bedroom choices; in fact, this could be a fun bonding project for you and your teenager to enjoy together. Let them guide where the room goes and give them the space that they need to explore what they want. So, with this in mind, here are some of the best ideas for your teenagers bedroom.

  • Make It Communal. Teenagers will bring their friends to their bedroom and so it makes sense for them to have a communal space for them. So, while you have the space in their bedroom, put together a squashy seating area to make their bedroom conducive for hanging out. Adding a trundle bed in place of a regular bed will give them an instant pull out for a friend to sleep over, and if you’re stuck for space it can act as a couch with added throw pillows. If the room is a big one, you could add some squishy bean bag chairs and a low table, and even a small refrigerator to keep some refreshments in when they’re over to visit.
  • Consider Storage. From clothing storage to under the mattress storage, a bold, smart storage solution is going to offer your teenager a place for their linens, towels, clothing and spare things. Teenagers – like us – need privacy and by adding storage to their bedrooms, you’re going to give them a way to be organised far better! Keep the storage in the same tone and color as the rest of the room. You want this to look good, not tacky, so get rid of any storage options that are plastic! Go for baskets instead and you’ll make the room stand out.
  • Sharing? If you have more than one teenager in a bedroom, you should consider the bed situation. With enough space, you can have two larger beds in the room, but stick to twin beds if you don’t have much room. Add a curtain rail along the ceiling to create a separated space if necessary, and give each half of the room a mini makeover so that your teenagers can share without feeling like they’re sharing their personality, too. Bright sheets, patterned pillowcases, added throws – there’s a lot you can do!
  • Four-Poster Beds. On the theme of adding privacy to your teenager’s bedroom, consider the “four poster” element by hanging curtains around the bed. You will give them the space to sleep in, to feel secure and it’s also very stylish! If you have daughters who are tweens, the four poster bed is going to make them feel like they’re in a princess bed!
  • Have Fun With It! When you’re decorating the bedrooms for your teenagers, you need to have a little fun with it. Artwork, pictures, canvases, accessories – it’s all good fun and you can take them shopping! Furniture, decor and colours need to be shopped for and you can do it together. This should be an exciting project and you can get personalised prints to really add art to the space.
  • Choose A Good Colour Palette. Your teenager can help you with this one, but the best decision here for their room is a neutral palette but with one feature wall. If they love purple, make one wall that colour and keep that wall to decorate with their personal effects. Not only will this allow them to inject some personality into their bedroom, you’re going to be able to change it up whenever the mood takes them without having to redecorate the entire bedroom. Sorting out one room is far cheaper!
  • Add A Workspace. Your teenager needs somewhere to do their homework, and you can ensure that they have one with a fully functional homework centre. Consider a desk, chair, drawers, stationery storage and more. You want to help them to stay organized and you can do that when you buy the right baskets and bins for storage. This keeps the room cleaner for longer and you can really make their bedroom beautiful when it’s tidy. Help them to stay organised, and you’re going to add sophistication to the space, too. They’ll have a clear, tidy place to go and focus on their studies. Make sure it’s all set up next to outlets for chargers etc, too!
  • Give them The Reins. Do you have a strong-minded teenager who knows exactly what they want? Let them have a complete control of their bedroom and watch their imaginations come to life! You can help them to immerse into the things that they love the most, and it’s going to be the exciting part of the process of seeing them grow into themselves.

Your teenager deserves a bedroom of which they are going to be proud of. You get to help them to realise what they want from their space and you get to help them to build it the way that they envision it. It’s their space to be themselves safely – let them have that and they’ll think you’re the best!

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