We love being outdoors come rain or shine , I think it’s so beneficial for the ankle biters and they have learnt so much from simply leading an outdoors lifestyle. We had so much fun over the summer growing our own fruit and veg. We only had a small patch with strawberries , tomatoes and spring onions but we want to build on this. I think it’s so important to teach the little ones where their food comes from and encourage healthy eating.

It would be lovely to carry ths forward to Autumn/Winter and grow some new crops. I can envisage us out there for hours with our winter layers on and flasks of hot chocolate or soup. I’m not keen on the idea of a greenhouse with the glass being a safety issue for Archie and Frankie but we do need something similar. A few people have told me about polytunnels , whilst searching online I came across Premier Polytunnels online and I was very impressed with the range they have.

Polytunnels are an alternative to greenhouses but act in the same way. I love the idea of being able to grow vegetables that can be sown in the winter months.  We can also grown flowers for our hanging baskets and window boxes ready for the spring months. The polytunnel will also give us a sound shelter from the rain and snow whilst we are potting plants.

The ankle biters are always more inclined to try foods they have helped make. If they help me with dinner one night and it’s something they’ve not tried before they are always more excited and eager to try. This goes for trying what they have grown too. They can be quite fussy with vegetables and only have a select few that they eat. The are fab with fruit and eat a lot of different varieties. I really want to encourage them to try different vegetables and I think growing their own will really help with this.

The 6ft polytunnel is on my wish list and it would fit perfectly at the bottom of the garden. The polytunnel comes complete with the frame , tunnel an all you need to get going. You can also add optional extras later on if you wish. Now to decide what to grow with the littles ones.

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