Hairstyles to try during the summer months

At NUYU, we are always looking for the latest styles. This summer more than any other we need some help from our stylists. So, we have scoured the newest advice and gathered the best hairstyles to try during these summer months.

Things hairstylists consider

When it is hot outside, we want something to keep us fresh. Therefore, we want hair off our face and something cute but ready to go. Your hair will have to deal with the beach as well as time in the pool. As you will be outside a lot, you want your hair to be stylish but being in and out of the water means you also need it to be practical. We are asking a lot from our locks, so let’s see what the top stylists suggest – looking at styles from a short bob to a medium length know to a side braid. Might we also recommend some anti-humidity products!

The tousled look

What better way to prepare yourself for the beach than with a hair cut designed to look like you have spent your day sunning yourself on the sand. The tousled look gives the impression that you have done nothing with your hair when in fact you have carefully styled and textured. If you really just left your hair to be naturally messy, it would lack volume and shape. Therefore, you need to use a texturising spray to get that lift that will give the ultimate tousled beach hair.

A curly fringe

You can thank the beautiful Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve star Sandra Oh for the curly fringe trend that will be hot this summer. While you are seeking inspiration from a superstar, you need your stylist to customise the shape of your fringe to your face. It needs to be a soft, defined curl pattern. You will need some curl jelly to make this style really work for you.

Loose braids

Loose braids are a fantastic way to let your locks loose without them glueing your hair unattractively to your face. It is that musical festival look, where you pull the hair from your face with a braid off to one side. Keep the rest of your style simple – either with a light wave or straight. Your hair will then have that delicate balance between style and function that we all aspire to in the summer months.

Braided details, whether loose or more styled, are a big thing this summer. Take a look at Rhianna’s braided style to see how this can be used for a more formal event.

Pixie Cut

The easiest way to ease hair humidity woes is to have it all cut off. There are some rocking pixie looks that you can opt for. Be aware though – this style is not as low maintenance as you imagine. To keep it funky, you will need some putty to add just the right amount of texture – otherwise, it will look like a boy cut gone awry.

Low Bun

The low bun is a classy look no matter the time of year if you do it right. It is a super useful look in the summer because you can twist up your hair straight out of the pool without too much bother. The trick is to get the placement of the bun just right. If it is skewed too much, it will just look messy. We think this style is one you would opt for on day 2 or 3 rather just after you have washed your hair. 

The Finger Wave

Hello 1920s style – it is time to retake the stage 100 years later. The 2020 version of the finger wave is a little more informal than the slicked-back look of the 20th century. Here you do use a flat iron to create the straight look and then add some texturising spray. There is no need to go high-maintenance wax here – remember the ideal for the summer is functional but stylish. You have to be able to maintain your look while you are out for the day with friends.

Slicked back bob

A bob is another classic look, but also one that is easy to manage. This is the perfect style to go when you are looking to grow your hair. However, slicking your hair back off your face while keeping the shape of the bob is perfect for the beach – where you will look stunning while seeming like you have stepped out of the waves!

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