As you know I have a huge passion for Halloween, it is my favourite time of year and I can’t get enough of anything pumpkins, witches and ghouls. We have a Halloween party every year so love getting crafty and making decorations and accessories.

Here are just a few I have come up with to try for this year –

Halloween cushion covers

These are such a cute way to brighten up the house and have dotted around the lounge or dining room. You can easily make your own if you are handy with a sewing machine or up cycle some that you have at home with felt decorations. You could even use svg files to transfer on to the cushion covers.

Halloween mugs

I love a good Halloween mug and like to bring them out on the 1st of October so I get full use out of them. You can easily make your own Halloween mugs, you can do this by either painting your own mugs with some ceramic paints. Or you could use svg files again to transfer over on to plain mugs. You cold even make fall mugs which could include sunflower svg files to transfer.

Halloween light jars

These are so simple and easy to make and look amazing. You will need some mason jars, you can get plain or some coloured ones like orange or purple. You can then fill the jars with plain string lights or novelty string lights from the pound shop. These look so spooky dotted around the house, you could even use some svg files to transfer on to the glass too.

I asked some other bloggers for some ideas and here are some extra ideas –

Jenny Kearney fom the Gingerbread house said we love painting and hiding rocks. We made some Halloween rocks last year which we hid in our local area. I think this idea is lovely and so easy for the little ones to join in too.

Jo Boyne from a rose tinted world said this garland can easily be hand sewn from scraps of fabric, so is a great upcycling project. Make as many small pumpkins as you need. And you can even make larger versions as mantelpiece and table decorations. I also love this idea and will be trying it.

Beth Law from Twinderelmo Instead of carving a pumpkin, it’s good fun to paint or draw on your pumpkin instead. It’s good if you’ve got smaller children too. There’s lots of ideas on my post here: This is another great idea and loads of fun to be had with the little ones doing this.

As you can see there are plenty of things you can make yourself to allow for an amazing Halloween themed party, or just to jazz the house up for Halloween. I am going to really make an effort to add some of these do it yourself crafts to our Halloween decoration collection this year. Have you got any more ideas? I would love to hear more and add some to this post.

*Collaborative post

Thoughts, Comments?

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