Wow has it really been a year since I set up this little blog. I can’t believe how far it has come and how much it’s changed my life for the better.

I started the blog to channel my thoughts, record memories and help my anxiety by focusing my energies somewhere else.

Firstly it has helped my anxiety no end , yes it’s still there and some days are worse than others but some days it’s completely non existent. I truly believe that it has helped me manage and combat it.

It’s given me my sense of identity back. I love being a Mammy and it really is the best thing that’s happened to me but I did miss being me for a couple of years. I now feel like Lianne too and it feels so good writing about my loves and my woes.

The blog has allowed me to create a self-employed business which is amazing. I honestly didn’t think that this would be possible or that brands would pay to work with me. It’s been a massive learning curve and great confidence booster.

I have learnt so much in this one year. I had never heard of domain authority or unique monthly users but now it’s part of my every day chat. My photography skills have improved so much and I have navigated my way around a DSLR.

I never dreamed I would make so many amazing friends and met up with them along the way. One of them being Leanne from A slice of my life Wales – she has been my blogging and Instagram guru and I’m so happy we live down the road from each other and our little ones have become little besties too.

I have been given some amazing opportunities for myself and my family. Just to name a few- a holiday to Bluestone, a glamping holiday, a day on a canal boat , various day trips and events. Also for myself filming for a brands website in London , this was just an incredible experience and gave me so many invaluable experiences. I have also been gifted some amazing items and found out about so many brands I would never have been aware of. Also being published at Huffington post , lovedbyparents and one of my posts being featured by Mumsnet blog of the day.

It was also amazing to blog about my experience with Milk allergies which was published at the Huffington post amongst some of my other posts. It has helped raise awareness I hope and also helped other parents as I still get messages now asking for advice and support which I’m always happy to help with.

Blogging has helped me find something I love and given me a passion for a career again. I truly love what I do. I have so much to be thankful for and want to thank all of the amazing brands that have made this possible and also people I have met along the way. Also James my unofficial tech support who does so much for me behind the scenes ! Thanks babes !

So that’s it one year gone by , here is to the next one and I can promise some very exciting things to come. As always thank you to all my beautiful followers who like , comment and share your all ace.


Love Li xx

Here are some of my favourite memories from the blog


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