Having a boy and a girl so close in age they naturally play with each others toys. I find people’s reactions fascinating in regards to this. Like they think your sons willy might fall off cause he’s playing with a doll!! 

Frankie loves dinosaurs and cars. Archie loves cars , spiderman and dinosaurs he’s also very fond of his pram and dolls too. Who cares? he’s playing , happy and learning through play.

It’s funny how people don’t comment on a girl holding a toy car or dinosaur but they feel the need to comment on a boy with a doll or a handbag.

The other day we went out to town and Archie and Frankie both took handbags , the amount of funny looks we got and comments like “ohh a pink bag , you don’t want that pink is for girls” Always from the older generation too. It does really anger me how people feel the need to pass their own judgment when it comes to our children.

When the ankle biters were younger and both had dummies they would often have each others which resulted in Frankie having a blue one and Archie a pink , who cares ? What’s the difference?  Did I even put any thought in to or care what color dummy they had ? No I grabbed what ever dummy was in the closest vicinity!!  But again comments are passed and always directed to the male child – “you don’t want a pink dummy , they are for girls” I even had a shop assistant come up to me and ask me “is that a boy” Umm yes “well why has he got a pink dummy then” it’s hard not to lose your shit with these people , I find sarcasm works best with them.

If your son wants to wear fairy wings and your daughter wants to dress up as spiderman really who cares!! In a world full of people’s judgment , insecurities and stereotype let them be who they want to be and watch them shine.

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  1. LOVE this! Growing up Lily was obsessed with Spiderman, dinosaurs and bugs (even know she could tell you the name of pretty much any dinosaur you show her a picture of!) – we had so many comments, particularly when she had a massive Spiderman wall mural or when she would wear her spiderman costume (including some people who said directly to her that ‘you should be wearing a pretty princess dress’. I heard a quote once that totally sums it up – unless you need your genitals to operate a toy then they are gender-neutral… if you do need your genitals to operate it then it’s not the kind of toy your kids should be playing with anyway 😉

    1. Good choice Lilly !! 🙂 exactly hun as long as they are having fun that’s all that matters xxxx

  2. this post is spot on I was going to write something similar not long ago as my son loves to play with his dolls and at Christmas I was looking to buy him a pram and I found it really bad that all the cheaper prams were either pink or purple but to buy a neutral colour the cost was twice as much why are there none around that are affordable for boys?
    children aren’t born and go oh I’m a boy I must play with a cat and girls aren’t born and think oh I must like glitter and fairies x

    1. That’s ridiculous how they are more expensive !! Exactly hun your totally right xxxx

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    I was going to write something similar to this myself as at christmas time I wanted to get Freddie a pram to go with his baby however I found the prams that were neutral colours were twice the cost of the sparkly pretty pink or purple ones, I don’t recall him coming out and saying hey I’m a boy I MUST play with cars!

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