A child wears many hats; child, sibling, student, friend, classmate etc. Every so often this can become quite overwhelming, as the roles conflict, which leads to stress and anxiety. With that said, it’s important for parents to help their children manage their priorities, as well as their emotions.


Having a school-life balance is hugely important, as explored below by a pre prep school in London. Without it, many aspects of a child’s life will be jeopardised. For example, lots of young people try and spend every waking moment studying at the expense of fresh air, exercise and socialisation. As a result, their general health and well-being are at risk, which reduces academic performance. What’s more, by neglecting personal relationships, students can often feel a reduced sense of support.


One way to help your child find the right balance is to encourage them to prepare a study schedule. This should prioritise subject areas that your child finds more challenging and should also factor in leisure time. If you don’t think your child has enough chill time, encourage them to rest from their studying every once in a while. They need to get enough exercise and sleep in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Parents should always encourage their children to aim high, but not to the point where they’re trying to be a perfectionist. If they strive for perfectionism will result in unrealistic goals, which then lea to anxiety and low self-esteem. Instead, let your child know that as long as they are trying their best, that is good enough; they don’t have to get 100% on every test to make you proud. Remind your child that they are only human and they will not perform well if they are emotionally or physically drained. 

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