Helping Your Child Prepare for the School Bus

If your child has never caught the bus without adult supervision before, or even at all, it will feel quite daunting to them if they suddenly have to start getting the bus to and from school every day. Unfortunately, if you have work or other commitments, your child might not have any other choice and the sooner they get used to it the better. There are a few things you can do to help prepare your youngster, as discussed below by an independent school in Kirkham.

Start by practising the route with your child a few times so that they get used to it and learn when/where they should get on and off. For instance, they might not know that you have to press a button to stop the bus just before the stop, so this is something they can learn with your supervision before they have to do it alone. Even getting to know the areas where both bus stops are located will help calm your child’s nerves. If possible, try and meet your child at the bus stop for the first few days when they start riding the bus home, as knowing that you’ll be waiting for them at the other side will help them feel a little more relaxed during the journey.

Ask your child if they have any concerns about getting the bus and, if you can ease their nerves in any way, be sure to do so. You should also talk to them about the various important rules to follow, like no talking to strangers and no moving around unless the bus is stationary. It might be worth contacting the school to find out if any of the other students catch the same bus, as this might help your child feel more comfortable and they can potentially “buddy up”. 

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