My teeth are one of my biggest issues with self-confidence. They have always been quite white and shiny so I don’t lack confidence in that way , though since becoming a Mum and drinking so much coffee they are not as sparkly as they once were.

My issue is my bottom teeth they have never been straight , I did see a orthodontist when I was younger who said that I definitely didn’t need a brace a my teeth would straighten out over time naturally.

Twenty odd years later and this hasn’t happened if anything they are less straight than they were before. Not only do I hate the way they look , they are really troublesome. because they overlap so badly this allows for food to get stuck in the gap or for build up to occur which means more visits to the hygienist.

I get so paranoid when talking to someone new , or having my photo taken I tend to smile with my mouth closed or just do a half smile so you can’t see the bottom row of teeth! I don’t want to be this way as I want to teach my children to always love themselves and it’s hard to do this when I am critical of a part of me so massively.

There are a few dental services  I would like to have done. I would love to have Inman Aligner as it looks so simple and hassle-free which is what I need as a busy Mum of two. It is the orthodontic treatment for aligning mainly just crowding of the front four teeth which is exactly what I need !

I really don’t like the idea of having brackets stuck to my teeth or waiting months and months for the brace to work – this can give you straight teeth from 6-16 weeks which is fab!

I had a lot of trouble with my teeth when I was pregnant too which resulted in having to have 3 teeth out so I now have a lot of gaps at the back of my mouth which I really dislike !

I really want to have some work done to my teeth as I had to have a tooth out after I had Archie and also after I had Frankie. I have always hated the way my bottom teeth over lap and would also consider having some Veneers fitted as it really does bother me. It is on my list to save up for as they can be costly.

The last thing I want done is some whitening treatment as they coffee has really affected how white my teeth are. I have always had white teeth and people have always commented on them. They still do but I can see that they are not as white as they have always been. I am seriously considering looking in to some stain removal or teeth whitening treatments.

I have talked before about body , skin and hair changes after pregnancy. I can’t believe how many changes we go through and how it affects us all round. It has really affected my teeth and that’s one thing I have always loved the brightness of them so I am going to get a plan together to get them back to pre baby condition.

Is there anything that really knocks your self-confidence and you would like to change ? Or have you had any cosmetic surgery in the past ? If so did it help? And did it give you a new-found level of self-confidence? I would love to hear about your experiences with this and learn more about it.

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