So we have been on lock down for so many weeks now I have lost count. We live in Wales so we are still in lock down which is up for review in a few weeks. Also here schools are not likely to open any time soon. To be honest I’m glad they wont be going back in June, even though home schooling and constant entertainment is hard work.

We have had loads to contend with during lock down Archie broke his femur over the Easter weekend which of course has brought it’s challenges. We are 5 weeks in to recovery at the moment and he is still unable to walk yet. Since him breaking his leg I have been less stringent and strict with a home schooling time table and it has been hard to find the motivation from all of us.

Our day looks the same most days we find time for a walk, preparing lunch and setting time aside for work. Some days the kids are great and get on with the work with no protests but there are days when we need a little reward and encouragement.

I like to do some reading every day as I believe it’s so important to keep up with this part. Also a bit of writing even if it’s a few sentences about what we have done that day. I also like them to do some kind of maths too whether it be paying shops and using money or actually doing some sums. We try and do some arts and crafts too even if it’s just sitting down and doing some mindfulness colouring sheets.

I have come up with a reward system where for each task / instruction followed until the end the little ones get a pom pom. Each pom pom is worth a certain amount of treats. We were kindly sent a huge 3kg bag of Swizzels . This has been so handy as with the pom pom system one pom pom equals a small sweet from the bag then it leads up to say 10 pom poms means a pick and mix from the bag with a movie night.

We have also had loads of fun doing treasure hunts around the garden looking for items related to the weeks topic and I’ve hidden a few sweets in and around the hunt too. I love how it’s a bit of fun but also helps motivate them to get on with the work. I think it is so needed as we all lack a bit of motivation in these times.

We will just continue with what we are doing for however long we have to. I would love to hear what you guys have been up to.

*We were sent a 3kg bag of Swizzels for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thoughts, Comments?

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