Home Schooling Tips During Lockdown

Home schooling is a huge challenge. No matter how prepared a parent is, there are still hurdles which must be overcome. Some children it should be said, will adjust beautifully to learning at home. Others will find it much more difficult.

Naturally sociable children, for example, will find the loss of their peers to be quite upsetting. For these children, the presence of their peers is something which inspires and encourages them as they learn. To go from a busy classroom to an empty sitting room is a shock and take some getting used to.

This girls’ prep school in Surrey believe that all children should enjoy learning and that when they are taught with passion, they will naturally begin to flourish. Here are some top tips for home schooling your children during lockdown:

· Stick to a routine – up at the same time every day, just like school time

· Get dressed! It might sound obvious but getting dressed properly is important as it puts your child into ‘awake mode’

· Take proper breaks at the same time every day

· Practice mindfulness

· Eat a healthy diet

· Stay hydrated – this is very important

· Physical activity every day – your child still needs their physical education so try different activities such as tennis, races, athletics and basketball practice

· Get creative – creativity is important no matter what your child is learning

· Try some music – there is some evidence that listening to classical music helps people process information faster

· Keep the house quiet during Zoom calls

While home schooling is a challenge, it can also be an amazing experience for both parent and child. The opportunity to grow closer and to share learning together is invaluable. Lockdown is not a normal situation – you and your child are living in an extraordinary time so the chance to try something new is not only valuable but could also be a memorable experience.

Don’t forget to ask for help

Your child’s teachers are there to support you. If you are finding a certain aspect of the work hard to manage, or if your child is struggling, teachers often have specialist tips and tricks which can help. Reach out by email and let your child’s teacher know you’re struggling.

Above all, try your best to enjoy this challenge – it’s a tough one but you will find that by the end of it all, you’ll have made some very special memories.

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