As a parent, it’s only natural that you want to help your child spread their wings a little, to explore new passions and hobbies that teach them skills and help them live more well-rounded life. If you live near some stables, then you may just be considering horse-riding. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at why it can be not only an exhilarating time for them, but a potentially valuable new part of their daily life.


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Make new friends, human and otherwise

First of all, a brand new venue, filled with brand new people, is always a fantastic way to help your children meet new people and to make new friends. Furthermore, finding local stables also means that they’re more likely to make friends with whom they share an interest in common. That is, if they end up loving horse-riding as much as many others do.


Of course, we can’t mention new friends without the relationship that could potentially form between them and the horse they are riding. Humans can have a tremendously strong bond with their equine friends, which can teach them compassion, patience, and respect for all life.


Improve their physical health

Physical fitness and healthy habits aren’t innate, they’re something that needs to be taught. When it comes to your kids, finding a hobby that teaches them to take care of themselves as early as possible is a good way to make sure they keep those teachings with them for the rest of their lives.


Horse-riding is more physically demanding than you might anticipate, testing your legs and core to a serious degree. Furthermore, if they want to get more competitive as they grow, they will likely learn the value of exercising to improve their performance, too.


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Teach them to be safe and responsible

Depending on whether a horse is rented, bought, or simply used for practice, your child will learn different degrees of caring for the horse, as well as themselves. For one, horse-riding can be potentially dangerous, and they will learn to grow conscious of that, and of the benefits of wearing protective gear in general.


However, they might also learn a lot about the care and nurturing of horses. You can manage their costs with a supplies store , but it could be a good idea to encourage them to do chores or get their first part-time job, if they’re old enough, to contribute to the costs. As such, your child can learn a lot about responsibility from horse-riding.


Show them a brand new passion and boost their confidence

One of the best reasons to teach children to try new things and to introduce them to new hobbies is to help them find a passion. Finding something outside of school and outside the usual extra-curricular sporting activities allows your child to live a much more well-rounded life, with different support structures and different means of managing their own stress and burdens.


Furthermore, in both riding and caring for a horse, your child can get a serious boost in confidence. They are developing skills that they never had before and, with the right teacher, they can receive the kind of encouragement that teaches them to be more determined, hard-working, and more willing to invest time in other efforts. Delayed gratification is an essential skill to learn, and any hobby as disciplined as horse-riding is a good way to teach it.


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Teach them to push outside their comfort zones

That confidence, earned through working with a horse that’s often literally twice your height and several times as fast, can give your child real courage, as well. There’s no denying that horses can be a bit intimidating, even to those who really love then. However, getting past that intimidation builds character.


As such, other new adventurous activities, challenges, hobbies, and obstacles are going to look much more surmountable to your child. As they grow, their willingness to explore beyond their comfort zone can expand as well, opening them up to many more opportunities, professionally and otherwise.


Is it time to find a stable near you?

If the above advantages sound like something you want in your child’s life, then it might be time to start getting in touch with some stables near you. You never know whether or not their first ride will spark that passion in them or not. Either way, getting them to try new things is always a positive, as it encourages them to keep doing it in the future too. 

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