Parents look for ways they can help their children succeed in school. Of course, you can encourage them to work hard, praise them when they do well and provide the right level of support, but there are also other, more subtle, things you can do to help. Providing them with a healthy lifestyle is one example. Here are some tips from a private school in London to get you started

Start by asking yourself a series of questions to establish whether or not your child could benefit from some adjustments to their lifestyle. For example, do they eat junk food on a regular basis? Are they overweight? Do they find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Talk to your child about these things and ask them if they think there’s anything they’d like to change or improve; let them feel in control.

Provide your child with a healthy, filling breakfast. It’s labelled the most important meal of the day for a good reason and will set your child up for a good day at school. Without a decent breakfast, your child will feel sluggish and will have a poor attention span. What’s more, you should encourage your child to avoid sugary snacks; they are the downfall of a student’s diet and will cause them to have a sugar crash. Instead they need to increase the amount of nutrients they’re ingesting throughout the day.

Make sure your youngsters are getting enough exercise because it can improve memory and attention span. What’s more, exercise is great for eliminating stress and anxiety, which are common emotions for students who are feeling under pressure or having friendship problems. Suggest some extra-curricular clubs they could join that might help them get more exercise throughout the week. 

Children need at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly at school. They will find it very difficult to focus without enough sleep and will struggle to plan and organise efficiently. Once your child has started to make these positive lifestyle changes, be sure to recognise their efforts and praise them where possible; this will help encourage them to continue making healthy choices.

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