Anyone else agree that when your partner is off work and at home your kids behavior changes ? 

1. They go from being angels to complete whinge bags

They have been happily playing cars or dolly’s the minute daddy walks in it’s like they see him and whingebags in 0-60 just like that.

2. Mummy no longer exsists 

They no longer listen to anything you say, anything you try to do for them or help them with – “no dadddy do it” “Love you Frankie” she would normally say “love you too mummy” instead she says “no mummy love Daddy”

3. They start trashing the place 

They want to get every toy out to show Daddy , cause sure he’s never seen them before – so they just happily empty 8 kallax boxes just to “show”Daddy.

4. They turn in to spoilt brats 

Everything is I want , I can’t wait , cry , tantrum , scream. So daddy gives in cause he’s not used to being worn down all day and staying strong. Then you hear the words who wants some chocolate buttons and you just go and hide with a hot cuppa and choc.

5. They instantly can’t share or play nice 

IT’S MINE , NOOOOO , MUMMMMYYY , it’s not fair , I want !! They have suddenly lost the ability to play nicely and hate each other.

It’s like  your stuck in between a rock and a hardplace , you want a break and cant wait for your other half to be home but do you really wanna visit whingeville?

Thoughts, Comments?

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