As research suggests, being involved in your child’s learning will significantly improve their overall performance because it will act as a form of motivation. I have teamed up with an independent school in Farnham to provide parents with further advice on how to become more involved with their child’s education.

  • Make Learning Fun for All

Try and find learning opportunities in the activities that you do as a family such as your walks through the forest or your choice in board games. If your child sees how much fun you can all have together whilst learning, they will become keen to do it again. Learning shouldn’t stop when your child leaves the school gates. 

  • Speak to the Teachers

All parents should build relationships with their child’s teachers. Speaking to the teacher will allow you to learn about your child’s progress, showing your child how much of an interested you have in their education while also allowing you to establish which areas of their education could potentially be improved upon.

  • Be Available During Homework Sessions

When your child is doing their homework, don’t just disappear into another part of the house. Make sure you are readily available to them so that if they get stuck they can ask you, rather than give up in frustration. 

  • Praise Your Child’s Efforts, not their Results

Always praise your child when they demonstrate a positive attitude toward school and when you notice them trying extra hard with their work; don’t simply focus on their grades. If they think that you are only happy with them when they receive a good grade, they might start to feel self-conscious and stop trying altogether. 

  • Chat to Your Child Regularly 

Parents should ensure that they have one to one time with their kids each evening after school/work. When chatting to your child, you should ask them plenty of open-ended questions about what they have learnt during their lessons, who they sat next to, what homework they were given etc. This will show them that you’re interested while also allowing them to solidify what they were taught in class so that they can retain the information.

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