Many parents find it very difficult to get much conversation out of their kids where school in concerned. When asked how their day went, they reply with one word answers or say they can’t remember. There are different techniques parents can use to encourage their kids to open up about school, as explored by a prep school in London.

Makesure you are available to your child each day so that they can have one-to-one chats with you about their day and anything that might be bothering them. If they think you are too busy or tired to speak to them then it will be harder for them to open up. However, if you make sure you get some alone time for half an hour or so after school or before bed, they will have an opportunity to talk.

You should always ask open questions, as opposed to questions that only require a one word answer. Questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” will not push your child to talk. It might be wise to wait a little while after school rather than questioning them as soon as you pick them up; let them relax and take a break before bombarding them with questions about their lessons etc. 

When your child does open up about school, try not to interrupt them because they might not feel comfortable doing it again. Of course, it’s good to let them know that you are listening so a reassuring nod here and there won’t hurt. The idea is to let them speak freely, without feeling like they’re being judged. This will give them the confidence to open up more often.

You should also communicate with your child’s school and build a good relationship with their teachers. The more information you have about what they’re learning in class or any upcoming events, the more relatable you will be to your child and they will feel more comfortable chatting to you.

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