Most of us grew up in a world where we spent the majority of our time outdoors in nature, enjoying the fresh air. But thanks to modern technology and gadgets, that’s no longer true for our children. Many of them spend the majority of their time in front of screens. 

The task for modern parents, therefore, is to reacquaint the younger generation with the great outdoors. But how? Check out these ideas. 

Get Them Into Hiking

You might think that getting your kids into hiking would be an impossible challenge. But that’s where you’re wrong. It turns out that getting kids to climb mountains and trek down forest tracks is actually substantially easier than you’d think. Just take them out in the car for a “walk” and see how they get on. Most of the time they won’t notice how high they’re climbing until they get to the top and can enjoy the view. 

Pick Some Wild Fruits And Vegetables

You don’t have to buy all your food from the supermarket. Nature produces a lot of it too, all by itself. 

Going out and picking wild berries can be a lot of fun – and delicious at the same time. Blackberry season usually hits at the end of summer, and crab apples become available from around September onwards. If you can find a wild plum or fig tree, then lucky you!

Go Fishing

Going fishing around here is easy, thanks to the abundance of rivers and waterways in the local area. You don’t need a huge amount of kit – just the right tackle for the job. Kids can even go fishing with something as simple as a net. Just remember to supervise children in the water and make sure that they put back any fish or creatures they find. 

Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Still struggling to get your kids outside? Then why not try setting up a treasure hunt? The best strategy here is to hide food around your garden or the local common and then get kids to search for it behind trees and under rocks. Make sure that the rewards are worth it too. Carrot sticks probably won’t cut it. 

Take Them Star-Gazing

For kids, the universe is a wondrous place. It’s almost impossible to imagine how big it is, and how far away the stars are. But it can be fun to stare up at the sky on a dark night and watch the light show unfold. 

If you go stargazing, look for a patch near you with dark skies. Light pollution from cities can make it difficult to see much, even on a clear night. 

Get Them To Identify Birds And Insects

Getting kids to identify the creatures that they see can be another great way to get them more interested in the great outdoors. Many children find it interesting that nature could make so many different creatures of all different sorts. It can be fun to identify them and find out where they fit into the grand scheme of things. 

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