How To Make Your Bedroom Zen

The bedroom is the place where start your day and the place you rest your head in the evening. It’s your own space to relax and rejuvenate. When it’s cluttered, disorganised and feeling a little dishevelled it’s hard, to feel at ease. Here are some easy ways to turn your space into a zen-like retreat.

Zen design, is often associated with minimalism. It is designed to make use of natural materials, patterns, light and space as well as rejecting clutter. Most of all, a Zen home is meant to be relaxing and comfortable, whilst still being visually appealing.

Invest in Comfort

We spend about 25 years (by the age of 75) of our time in bed, so it is important to invest in quality products. The bedding you choose will play a vital role in you getting a good night sleep. Choosing the wrong pillow or mattress, either too firm or too soft can result in a lack of support and potential neck and back pain. 

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Create a Sleep Sanctuary

For optimal relaxation, curate your own sleep sanctuary with sounds and smells. Essential oils, that have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and mental and physical wellness. Smells like jasmine, lavender, citrus and vanilla help you to reduce stress, anxiety and help you to sleep better. Look to create ambience, with soothing sounds or white noise.

Banish The Blue Light

Electronics are a source of distraction so do not go so well with the zen decor. Not only does it not mesh with zen, but blue lights affect us getting a good night sleep. The natural light plays a key role in our circadian rhythm, which stimulates the production of melatonin to help us sleep. Blue lights from tech, before bed, can disrupt this process.

Bring Nature Indoors

Decorating with nature can be a really beautiful way to make your bedroom zen. If you have a garden that’s starting to bloom, why not bring a selection of flowers, they instantly brighten up any room. Alternatively, bringing plants into the bedroom is a great natural way to bring calm, not only do they make your space look more beautiful, but they can also boost our wellbeing, improve air quality and make us feel uplifted.

Decorate With Natural, Earthy Colours and Furniture

It is important to create harmony between the various elements within the room. A zen-inspired design is all about natural, earthy colours. To evoke a sense of relaxation, try using light tones such as beige, pink, white, greys and blues. When picking furniture, look at those that are characterized by being simple and functional, while avoiding excess or complicated detail. Natural materials bring a sense of warmth and relaxation, so are perfect for zen designed furniture.

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