Equestrianism, for many, is a passion. A passion of which that’s challenging to keep as a hobby alone. And so, many people attempt to make a living from running a business centred around horses, and horse riding schools is one of them. 

However, for those hesitant to launch a horse riding school business, you’re not alone. Many people have dreams of starting their own business, but their fear stops them from bringing their big plans to fruition, with concerns the company won’t survive. 

To quell your fear, this post sets out to briefly clarify the essential aspects that will ensure you operate your horse riding school ethically and safely, and give your business the best start possible. To find out more about how to protect and preserve your business, please read on.

Protect: Source Appropriate Insurance 

Insurance cover as a horse riding instructor is compulsory. It ensures you have the financial backing to support a legal case, in the event, for example, a customer makes a claim against you for an injury. Or the horses within your care acted in a threatening manner, such as running into a busy road. 

There are multiple insurance options, and so it’s essential to learn more by speaking to an experienced insurance provider. Who can offer advice that’s tailored to horse riding schools like the one you plan to launch. In doing so, you can gain a thorough understanding of what each insurance package provides. The different insurance types that may apply to you include riding instructor liability insurance and public liability insurance. 

Overall, insurance protects both the business and your customers. Should a customer experience an accident and claim against your school, there’s hope the insurance company will cover the costs. In turn, preventing your business from falling into paying an expensive debt, which could force your company to close. 

Preserve: Adhere To UK Regulations

There are various components of owning and running a horse riding school. It takes a multi-faceted and experienced individual to make a horse-riding business a success. Moreover, to prevent the risks mentioned above of a claim being made, horse owners must follow the UK’s rules and regulations. In turn, ensuring each horse is taken care of correctly. And children are safeguarded while in the presence of horses at the school. 

When setting up a business such as a horse riding school, the staff recruited must have experience managing and taking care of horses. Alongside feeding and grooming. Each horse’s health must be monitored and taken care of. And they must also have an adequate, clean shelter to rest. Equine staff must also be aware of health and safety hazards and secure understanding of how to clean and manage the stables effectively. 

With issues such as COVID-19 so prominent in today’s society. Cleanliness, being vigilant with wearing masks, and using hand sanitisers should be followed at all times. In taking the necessary precautions to preserve and protect your business, you can ensure your equine company continues thriving in the face of any challenges.

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