How to Raise a Science Lover

Qualifications in science-based subjects can lead to a range of fantastic career options for young people, from medicine to astronomy. With that said, there’s no wonder that parents are keen for their kids to find a love of science from a young age. But how does one make this happen? Well, there are a few things you can do to show your child how interesting and important science is, as explored below by an independent school in Somerset.

Start by talking to your child about science on a regular basis, so that they become familiar with it and learn how crucial it is to everyday life. For instance, if it is raining, talk about where the rain comes from and what will happen to it after it’s fallen. If you’re out for a walk, talk about the different species of plants and animals you see on your travels. When driving somewhere, discuss how the engine of the car works. If someone in your family has been unwell, teach your child about the immune system and how it works to fight infection. You get the gist! 

Encourage your child to be inquisitive by showing them that it’s perfectly normal to ask lots of questions about the world around us and how things work. If they do come to you with a question and you don’t know the answer, use it as an opportunity to do some research together. Try not to turn your child away when they’re asking you something, even if you’re busy, as this will make them reluctant to ask questions again in the future. 

Lots of simple activities around the house will show your child how fun science can be. You probably have the ingredients for a great experiment hiding in your kitchen sink. Water play is also great for little ones as it teaches them about sinking and floating. You could even build a bird feeder and invest in some binoculars to see which feathered friends pay you a visit. 

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