Losing someone that you are close to can be hard to deal with. There are several different complicated feelings that are associated with grief, and you may not be used to experiencing these. 

There are no shortcuts in dealing with grief. If you ignore these emotions, they can and will cause you pain later on down the road. 

From the burials through to the realization that you won’t see your loved one again or share the times that you use to, grief will move through various stages. 

In this article, we’ll look at ways that you can take care of yourself while you move through the stages of grief. 

Be Mindful Of Depression

Grief and depression are not the same things. However, grief can spark depression. 

Grief is brought on by the loss of someone that you’re close to. Depression is a medical condition. 

You do need to be mindful of the fact that your grief can bring on long term depression though. Problems with sleep and dependency on things like sleeping pills or alcohol to get you through the grieving process can bring on depression. 

Join a support group or seek a counselor to support you through the grieving process before you slide into depression

Spend Time With Friends And Family

It is not uncommon to want to take yourself away from the rest of the world when you’re grieving. But this can leave you feeling even more isolated. 

You might not feel like having company, but it is essential that you spend time with people that care about you. 

Pick caring and patient friends and family to spend time with. 

Be Gentle To Yourself 

If you think that you should be feeling a certain way, and you’re not, this could lead to you feeling frustrated or angry at yourself. 

The truth is that everyone grieves in different ways. The way that you feel is not unnatural and you should not be too harsh on yourself for feeling that way. 

Remember that you need to be kind to yourself at all times. It can take time to get through grief, but with patience and self-care, you’ll get through it. 

Keep In Touch With Your Feelings

When you are going through grief, you might experience a wide range of negative emotions. These might include anger and sadness. It may be tempting to try and hide these feelings away. Bottling up these feelings will only cause you problems later. 

Use mindfulness as a way of connecting with and processing your feelings. 

Rest As Much As Possible

Grief can really really take it out of you. You will feel tired and drained and it’s essential that you recognize that and get the rest that you need. 

This means getting to bed at a reasonable time each night and letting yourself get the rest that you need. 

You should also think about ways to relax through your day too. This might mean taking a bath or finding time to meditate. 

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