Summer is here and the fun with the children begins. The summer takes it toll on their skin in loads of different ways. We are always out on adventures and getting muddy etc. There are many extra things we need to think of when it comes to looking after their skin in the summer.

Sun skin care 

Make sure you use  good quality and 50+ spf sun cream. We are usually outdoors for long periods of time in the summer, either exploring a mountain or a forest somewhere. I like to use sun creams that have to be applied once a day and last for the whole day. This way there are no worries about stopping to apply cream every couple of hours and you know that they are safe. We like to use Boots Soltan once.

Bath time skin care

My two have a bath every night as they are always covered in some kind of mud, food or craft paint most days. They both have quite sensitive skin so we have to be careful what we use. We have been using Sanex bath dermo kids body wash – it has been amazing for their skin – no reactions and it smells amazing.

Moisturising skin care 

My two have quite sensitive dry skin which can get itchy and prone to eczema. I like to use a plain moisturiser on their body after the bath aqueous cream is our favourite as it sinks in to the skin straight away and doesn’t cause any reactions.

Allergic skin care 

As well as having sensitive skin they also have quite allergic skin – so they get reactions from certain plants or bug bites – I use pure 99.9% aloe vera gel for this as it calms the reaction straight away and takes all the irritation away.

These are just a few of the products we use to protect the little ones skin during the summer months – it is always handy to have the above products as our go to items. Do you have any hints and tips for children’s summer skin care ? I would love to hear them.

This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own.

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