I often get messages asking me how I built my Domain authority (DA)  up so quickly. So I thought I would write it all down in one place to share with you all.

Domain authority is a metric that was created by a webite called MOZ. Your domain authority shows how high you rank with Google. It will also help you to receive more web traffic. The ranking goes from 1-100 with 100 being the best.

To get your own DA you have to start up a blog and go self hosted. This involves paying for in my case a wordpress package and then buying your domain name and choosing a host.  I did this mid Febuary 2017. My advice would be to go self hosted asap that way you can start building up your DA straight away as opposed to blogging for a few months then doing it. I say this as it takes a few months for Google to crawl your sight and recognise it.

When you chose a domain name ensure that it is relevant to your niche as this will help you get noticed by readers. You also need to ensure you are covering all aspects of SEO.

Domain authority is important as it shows brands and PR’s etc how your website ranks with Google. If you want to monetize your blog then having your own DA is a must. The higher your Domain Authority the more brands will pay you to feature them etc. Your DA will need to be at least 20 before brands will pay for sponsored posts / features etc. You can also hire an SEO expert to help when writing blog posts.

You need to be patient in those early days as it’s not an instant results process. It took around 7 months for my DA to reach 20. You can check your DA on a site called MOZ which updates each month. The first few updates I stayed the same or just went uo by 1. My advice would be not to give up and just keep working at it and you will see results.

These are some of the things I did to increase my Domain Authority. 


This is vital and helps you get backlinks from other sites which in turn builds up your DA. The higher the site the better. Getting featured by big websites really does help.

Check for broken links

Broken links can affect your DA score negatively. There are many plug ins you can get to check for these. When you link to a business ensure that you link to the homepage as that will almost always stay the same.  Links to products etc can change a lot and become broken as pages get removed. If you link to a particilar product the brand may stop selling or it may be seasonal e.g. xmas which will then result in a broken link.

Write and post regularly

This one is pretty obvious but make sure that you are posting regularly. Plan out your content either monthly or weekly and make a note of important days/ events to post about.

Write quality content

Make sure what you write is engaging and of good quality. Also writing about something that creates an opinion or from the heart will increase your chance of getting noticed / shared etc. This will then help you to get featured which then creates high DA backlinks e.g. from places like Mumsnet and other top websites in your niche.

Optimize your SEO content

I use a plug in for this to help me check and ensure I have covered all aspects of SEO to help rank higher with Google. I use Yoast plug in for this. It can be time consuming but worth it.

Guest posting

This really also helps and again the higher DA of the site you are guest posting on the better.

Makesure that your website is mobile friendly

This helps with your ranking in Google. It also attracts people to your site. If people can’t see the site on their phone it may lead to you losing readers as most people look at sites in their phones.

Social sharing

Makesure you share your content on all platforms. This helps you get noticed and gets your content out there. It also encorages people to like , comment and share.

And repeat… keep doing this month after month and you will definitely start to see results. I went self hosted in Feb 2017 and by Novemeber 2017 I managed to get my DA up to 30.

Good luck !


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  1. Ah fab! I’ve been waiting for this post. Some really great tips here? I feel very motivated to up my game after reading this! Xx

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