A tough question that most parents will come to at some point in their lives is how old should their child be before they are able to walk to school without adult supervision.

There are so many different factors to think about and each situation is completely different to the next. To help you make your decision, an international school in London have put together some helpful guidance to help you determine whether or not your child is ready.

Do they have to cross any roads?

How is the journey door to door from your house to the school? Are there any busy roads and if so are there any safety measures such as zebra crossings?

How long is the journey?

A quick 5 minute walk round the corner is a very different experience to an hour each way. Think about the time it takes and if there are any big hills, busy roads or unsafe alleyways that they may have to use.

Do they have a phone?

A mobile phone can help to ease the worry of your child going out independently. Not only do mobile phones provide a way for your child to contact you in the event of an emergency, but they can also be used as a tracking device using the latest GPS technology.

How mature is your child?

Does your child understand the importance of road safety and the dangers of talking to strangers? Every child has a different maturity level and some can be trusted to do more than others.

Will they be walking alone?

You may feel more comfortable with the situation if your child is walking with friends or older pupils from the same school. Speak to your neighbours and other parents from the school to set up some walking groups.

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