Is Private School the Right Option for my Child

Choosing where your child goes to school is an important decision for every parent and the choice between private and state education is often a difficult one to make. To help you decide whether private school is the right option for your child an independent school in Shenley has shared some points to consider. 

Smaller Class Sizes

One advantage of private schools is that class sizes are often considerably smaller than those in state schools. Teachers have less children to spread their attention between therefore can offer a greater deal of support to each child. These smaller classes enable teachers to better understand the academic strengths and weaknesses of individual children in their class, allowing them to tailor their teaching methods to suit each child, resulting in greater academic success. If you are concerned about your child’s progress and feel that increased attention from teachers would benefit them, private school may be an option worth considering.

Extra- Curricular Activities

Private schools are renowned for offering a broad range of extra-curricular activities. If your child has a love of sports or the arts these passions will be cultivated and developed in a private school setting. They will be given the chance to explore new activities and uncover hidden talents. Private schools often arrange field trips on home soil and abroad, offering your child enriching experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. 


When deciding whether private school is right for your child it is imperative to consider whether doing so is financially viable for your family. If private school is already a consideration you will have undoubtedly factored in the added cost of sending your child to an independent school. However, private schooling may not always be as expensive as you would initially think, and many schools offer academic or sporting scholarships to cover a percentage of the cost. Parents who do decide to pay to send their children to private schools generally consider it an investment in their children’s futures.  

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