We live in a lovely Victorian house with fabulous high ceilings. We love it and wouldn’t change it for the world but it gets so cold. We have to make sure all doors and closed to keep the heat in and that we have extra blankets for sofas and beds. I have even been known to grab my good old hot water bottle to warm the bed. The anklebiters are always warm and toasty in bed as they seem to have higher body temperature than us , but I have always felt the cold.

We have tried to insulate the front and back doors but the breeze still manages to come through. We have also made sure we have curtains on every window for that extra bit of warmth and cosiness.  There is wooden and stone floor downstairs so there is no carpet at all , to make things more homely I have put rugs in the front room and play room. I’m still on the lookout for a hallway and kitchen rug.

Even though the rooms ae colder as they have no carpet I could not part with the stone or wooden floors as they give the house so much character. With two under 5 too it sure does make the spillages and tea time food falls easier to clean up.

There are still a few things we need to do to ensure that we are retaining the heat. We need some of the old skool draught excluders like the ones my Nan used to have , these should help with the door gaps. Later on down the line we plan to change the doors as they are old and not the best heat saving doors.

Another thing we are looking to do is get some loft insulation , the loft is huge and with it being an old house it’s not insulated as well as it should be. I came across insulation4less whilst browsing online, the site stocks loads of different types of loft insulation to suit all needs.

We still have so many plans for the house decor wise and cant wait to get it nice and cosy for next winter. This was out first winter living here so no we know how cold it gets and what we need to do , James can work on this for next year.

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