Home and garden security can be such a worry. With expensive household items and also expensive tools , lawnmowers and bikes stored in sheds outside. It is vital to have good security you can rely on.

Thieves are becoming very savvy these days and burglaries are on the rise unfortunately. There are even reports of pet theft which doesn’t bear thinking of , as pets are essentially a family member.

Now that I have little ones burglaries do worry me more, especially when you hear about ones that take place when you are at home sleeping. This is the ultimate invasion of your personal space and possessions.

We have a good level of security in place. Extra locks , wireless cameras, window locks etc. But I am always looking for ways to improve this and further protect my family and possessions.

Rattan direct have produced a guide to home and garden security. It has given me loads of ideas and things I hadn’t thought about before.

It’s definatley worth a read  , you can find it here.

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