We like being outdoors and active which can sometimes be hard when the seasons change. It can leave you stuck for ideas to keep the little lovelies entertained. I have come up with a few ideas for those gorgeous Autumn crisp days.

Autumn treasure hunt 

This is one of our favourite things to do. We go the local park and I set the ankle biters a challenge of things to find. They both get a basket each and head off to find a variety of things including conkers , different colour leaves , acorns , feathers , pine cones and any other interesting items they can find. This activity can last for hours which is great and they actively run around to find these bits and get so excited when they do. At the end of it we usually go for a hot chocolate as a treat and prize for finding all of the items.

Scooter adventures 

There is nothing more the ankle biters love than their scooters. This is such a good activity for keeping them active. We love to find a cycle path or use the path around the park and can literally scoot for hours on end. Archie and Frankie love to have scooter races too. We are also going to get some baskets for the scooters so we can combine the treasure hunt with scooting, they can collect all of the treasure and put it in to the baskets. If you are looking for a wide range of scooters for all ages I have found an amazing site called Skatehut . 

Forest adventures

Forests can be amazing in the Autumn months , the colours and smells are just amazing and there are so many leaves to jump in to. The little ones love to make leaf angels and spend hours chasing each other with mounds of leaves. We try to make a day of this and take the camp stove and make cups of soup to go with our sarnies to re fuel.

Den Building 

This is a fab activity to keep the little ones active and outdoors. We usually do this in the forest and start with collecting sticks , branches and twigs. We build them in to a triangle wigwam shape. They love this and seeing the end product that they have made themselves gives them so much joy.

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