Moving house. There is no doubt about it, it can be exhausting and stressful. We, of course, all have so much to do while we are packing. Children still have school and clubs; you might still have work, and time is ticking away. 


Keeping your cool when you are moving is essential to make sure that you handle everything that you need to do effectively. 


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So how do you manage that? How do you calm all the noise and focus on what you need to do? Here are some tips that will help you find that calm and capable moment. 

Let It Go

It might be time to make like Elsa and let it go. How much stuff do you really need? The chances are you are going to come to resent how much you have when it comes to moving time. And in order to not let your new house fill up with stuff, you might want to start donating and selling as early as possible. This does two things. It gives you extra cash and less stuff. Winner. 


Start getting rid of things as soon as you can, and when the big moving day comes, you’ll be happy you did it. 


Start your search and list-making online. When you do an online property search, you get to see a lot of images of the house – sure. But actually, it means that you can do even more research into the area quickly. Unless you are moving to a particularly hot market area, you will have a little bit of time to visit the area before the open day, or your house viewing appointment arises.


You can also use the time you are spending online to open a dropbox and scan all of your relevant documents into it. This means that you will have access to everything you need in seconds. Rather than needing to hunt through papers and boxes to get there. Create a folder on your computer and store the same files there too. 


You will need much more time than you think you do. In fact, you’re probably, ideally, going to need a minimum of 60 days to get everything done. That means that each room will get a number of days allocated to them. Your plans for selling and donating have time to happen without ‘quick sale’ pressure – which usually leads to lower prices. This also means that you can create a week by week list of things that you need to have completed. Typically people work better when they have a deadline. 

Hire Help

You can call in friends and family and get a big bulk of the work done. However, what you really need to consider is hiring a moving company that will make your packing and moving the smoothest process possible. And, if you have the funds to do so, consider hiring a cleaner to arrive the day after you leave to do a deep clean before you return the keys. 

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