If you’re looking to make your garden child and pet friendly for the coming summer then you may feel you have quite a task ahead of you. However, if you take a few precautions and maybe make some long term considerations you can easily make your garden friendlier to your family and make taking care of it a breeze. 


Playing in the garden is an absolute must for children’s development, but safety has to be priority number one. To keep the kids safe, designate, and discuss safe zones for their activities and if necessary, install physical security features. If you have a pond, for example, make sure it has a child-safe cover or rail that prevents them from falling in. Or if you have a set of garden toys for them to play with, consider setting it as the play zone for their games. If you have toys they can climb, have the area beneath softened. Consider a lawn or play mats to soften the ground

Long term care

Kids’ toys and pets can easily cause lasting damage to your grass is it isn’t taken care of properly. Always make sure you are watering and cutting the grass os often as needed/possible and using appropriate lawn care products if it starts to wear away. This long term care can become quite expensive with time and money investments adding up quickly. As an alternative, why not consider getting artificial grass. That is a whole article in of itself but suffice to say the best grass is long-lasting and hard-wearing. It could save you hundreds of hours of care in the long run. If you want more information about installation or pricing you can either visit a local garden center or head to https://www.artificialgrassgroup.co.uk/

Set boundaries

Much like the previously mentioned pond covers and railings, consider setting artificial nor naturally occurring boundaries in your garden to prevent kids and pets from wandering where they shouldn’t. A simple hedge that covers an impassable fence or a simple brick wall gives clear boundary lines that cannot be crossed. This is great to prevent kids and pets from wandering out into streets and roads where they can face injury. You can also use them to prevent them from walking over into your crops, should you be someone that grows their own vegetables at home. Get creative with your safety. Just make sure it works.

Just relax

As soon as you start to stress out too much about the safety of your kids while they try and have fun, the fun stops too. As long as you have a steady hand on the tiller and have taken appropriate safety steps the garden can be a great experience for all those in it. Don’t let worry get in the way of the fun and education that can be had in your garden. Learn to relax, but keep an eye on them.

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