As you know Archie goes to nursery four mornings a week. We waited until he was three to send him to nursery instead of two and a half. I think it was just a first born jitter where I didn’t know how to or didn’t want to let go. It was hard for me to adjust as I had Archie home with me every day for three years and I was now giving this huge responsibility of looking after our precious boy to someone else.

To women that I did not know and also did not know Archie. Yes we had met and they all seemed so lovely but would they know how he likes to eat his apple ?  or how to console him when he was upset?  Would they know that he doesn’t like loud noises ?  or that he gets really shy in new situations?

Now we have come towards the end of the school year I know they knew all of this and so much more. I what to thank these wonderful women for helping our baby to flourish and for being such a massive part of his life.

To the women who told me it would be ok when I walked out of the nursery that first day I left him. Feeling like my heart had been ripped out with tears rolling down my cheeks – Thank you

To the women who didn’t bat an eyelid or treat me like a raving mad neurotic mother when I phoned every morning 10 minutes after I left to check he was ok  for the first few weeks- Thank you

To the women who peeled my child off me in hysterics because he didn’t want Mummy to go.  You made him feel so safe and settled that when I walked back in to the room two and a half hours later and he ran over to me with a smile so excited to show me his paintings – Thank you

To the women who have given him a cuddle when he has fallen over and hurt himself – Thank you

To the women who have taught our little man so much it’s just amazing when he comes out with something that he’s learnt at nursery , something that we haven’t taught him but you have – Thank you

To the women who have created an environment that’s contributed to our Son blossoming in to a confident pre – schooler – Thank you

To the women who give him a new , fun and exciting experience every day – Thank you

To the women who care for him just like we do as if he was one of your own – Thank you

To the women who always know how to put my mind at ease when I am anxious about a nature walk he may be going on or when I ask if he’s making friends because I see him playing alone a couple of times – Thank you

To the women who put all of their enthusiasm , energy and dedication in to making sure he has the best experiences possible – Thank you

To the women who awlays have great expectations for our Son and always encourage him in all that he does – Thank you

To the women who cheered him on at sports day even though he was crying and overwhelmed you held his hand to the finish line and gave him a rosette – Thank you

To the women who make a fuss out of him and make him feel special – Thank you

To the women who get to know what he likes and what he doesn’t like and have such an interest in his life – Thank you

To the women who always make him feel safe – Thank you

To the women who have now given me the confidence to let go and send Frankie to nursery at two and a half – Thank you

I can honestly never thank you all enough.

Yours Sincerely

An ever grateful Mummy

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