Smear tests –  nobody likes them do they ? The thought of laying there with your legs in stirrups and someone having a good nosey and poke around isn’t ideal! But it’s a fact that they save lives. I was always a bit laid back when it came to smears , the letter would come and I would put it to on side with no urgency and think oh OK I’ll book it soon and book it weeks even months later. My smears have always been fine , over really quickly and negative too.

After I had Archie I started to have really bad periods and bleeding in between periods and so I put it down to the fact that I had just had a baby and that they will settle as soon as my body heals, when Archie was just 5 months old I was pregnant again with Frankie so obviously the periods disappeared for a while.

After I gave birth to Frankie they came back with a vengeance again the same symptoms – heavy , bleeding between periods etc. When Frankie was around 2 years old I thought enough is enough , this isn’t right and I need to get it checked.

Off I went to the doctors and the first thing she said to me was when was your last smear , I honestly could not remember. The doctor checked and I was 2 years overdue ! 2 years ! How had I just pushed this aside and been so irresponsible ?

She asked me to lay down on the bed for an examination and almost immediately after looking she said there is a red angry area here and I want you to be seen at the hospital. She explained they could have a better look with their equipment at the colposcopy clinic. She said she would be sending me as urgent and I would get an appointment within the next week or so.

I started to panic immediately and my anxious mind started to work over time – the good thing was I didn’t have to wait long. I had an appointment within days , I went along for the colposcopy and the Doctor found that I had some cervical ectropion which is when hormone cells grow on the outside of your cervix instead of the inside.

She decided to do some laser treatment on the cells to burn them away and do a small biopsy. It was such an anxious wait for the results but all came back clear. I then had another smear in February 2017 which was also negative (all clear) My periods seemed to calm down a lot after the laser treatment and my periods regulated for about 9 months. They then came back heavy with the bleeding between periods.

I made another appointment after putting up with it for another 9/10 months of thinking it was normal and just my way etc. I went to the doctors and she did an examination and said she could see another red area again and was certain it was the cervical ectropion back again. I was told this appointment would not be put as an urgent one and I would get a letter in a couple of months for colposcopy clinic.

That appointment was on Friday and so I went along thinking nothing of it and that all would be the same as last time bit of laser treatment and that’s it. This wasn’t the case the doctor found three what look like abnormal cells areas .

She is not entirely sure what it is yet until tests are carried out. I had to have a minor surgical procedure called LLETZ which is a Large Loop Excision. Local anesthetic was injected in to my cervix to begin with. The aim of the surgery is to remove all the abnormal cells from the cervix. A wire loop with an electric current is used to do this.

When the cervix heals it should then contain only healthy tissue, without any abnormal cells. I’m not going to lie or sugar coat the procedure wasn’t very nice at all and was very uncomfortable but totally worth it. The cells have now been sent for biopsy and it’s the waiting game to see if these cells are pre- cancerous , cancerous etc.

I’m terrified about the results and wish I had gone to the doctors sooner about my abnormal periods. I will never put this off again and treat things as just my body’s way of working again. Also after the first scare I will never put off a smear and always book it straight away.

I have done nothing but stress , worry and cry all weekend and am desperate to know what the results are , this can be a 4-6 week wait but I guess no news is good news. My anxiety is sky-high and I am thinking all sorts of the worst things which is resulting in sleepless nights and feeling run down.

The aim of my writing this all down and telling you all about my cervical experience is to help spread the message about how vital it is to go for smears they are literally life savers . Also if you are having abnormal periods please don’t just put this down to your body – get it checked straight away. I’ll post an update when know the results and I’m trying to stay as positive as I can.

2 thoughts on “Ladies please go for your smear and don’t ignore abnormal periods – my colposcopy experience”

  1. Oh lovely. I had this exact thing years back before I even had Harry and it’s a horrible experience to go through. Fingers crossed the results are nothing. Big hugs xx

    1. Thank you so much for Hun it’s so reassuring hearing so many people say they went through this and all was fine – big hugs Hun it’s not nice is it ! I’m hoping I get the results asap as the wait will send me insane XXX

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