Having a large following on social media is one of the best ways to grow and raise awareness of your business. With social media sites constantly growing and changing, it can be difficult to know what are the best ways to raise your following. Here, we have some helpful tips and techniques, which should see the number of fans and followers your business has on social media soar.

Realize the importance of sharing
Sharing is a really important tool on social media sites. By ensuring that your content is sharable and made public, it is certain to reach a larger audience. Also share others’ content if it is related to your field of interest. This is a great way to get more people reading your posts, as well as filling your feed with useful and interesting information.

Give special offers to followers
This mainly applies to those who are selling a product or service. In a recent study, it has been shown that just over 50% of those who follow a brand on social media do so to access special offers and discounts. You could also offer exclusive content to those following you on social media. This is a great, simple way to ensure you keep your existing followers interested. It’s really important to do something like this, as it gives customers a reason to follow you.

Be positive
Don’t share posts which are doom and gloom, and similarly try to avoid controversial topics such as politics. Keep your account upbeat and full of positive information and posts, to make fans feel good about visiting your page. Buzzparent is a website which reviews baby and children’s products, as well as providing helpful advice for parents. On their social media pages, they post their latest reviews as well as other helpful resources from around the web.

Create a space for questions & answers and interact with customers
Try to respond to everyone who posts a comment or asks a question. If you can, make a place where people can find FAQs, or help answer each other’s questions. Respond promptly to customers to ensure your brand has a personal, friendly feel. Great customer service is becoming increasingly important online. Having good things said about your brand publicly is great for your image, whilst having negative comments displayed certainly isn’t.

Post yourself, rather than outsourcing
This is important to keep things consistent. If you outsource, the writer may have a different writing style or different values than yourself, which can lead to confusion. Sometimes, outsourcing to those who don’t have English as a first language can lead to things becoming lost in translation, or taking on different meanings. Try to keep things personal, and post yourself. If you are struggling for time, you can use tools to schedule posts. This is a great way to plan ahead, meaning you won’t forget about good post ideas, but at the same time won’t bombard your audience with several posts a day.

Use as many different sites as possible
There are so many social media sites now. Try something new rather than sticking only to the ‘big’ ones. You can use each site individually, to share different posts, and by using a range of sites you ensure you have the largest possible potential fan base. You can mix things up and share the same post on different sites on separate days, to ensure followers aren’t bombarded with the same information over and over again. This is also a great way to ensure customers remember you are there.

Emily Dick, Contributor
Emily Dick is a mom and has several years of experience being a parent. She currently holds an Honors Degree in social science from the Open University. She lives in Scotland, raising her daughter Daisy, aged 2, and her two cats. Emily is new to the world of writing and blogging, and currently writes for buzzparent.com on topics such raising children, kids toys, ranging from baby to toddler discourse. Her love of animals and children has made her one of the main writers for Buzzparent.

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