Dear Archie

You go back to pre school today and I really wish you didn’t have to. We have had an awesome summer and been on so many adventures.

I have watched you grow at such a rapid pace over the summer. You not only outgrew your clothes and went up a shoe size, you lost a bit more of your baby face and your little baby voice has changed. You know so much now.

Your getting so clever with your numbers and learning to write, I think we have done every learning book the shops sell. Your passion for learning amazes me , never lose that.

You’ve learnt loads about the world we live in. You went on a glamping trip and ate camp stove curry , saw your 1st canyon , swam in the sea , had not dogs up a mountain, went castle exploring , walked for miles , picked blackberries , baked cakes, read loads of new books with Mummy and Daddy , ate different cuisines , had many garden adventures , made mud pies , ate loads of roast dinners and jelly. We’ve had a blast.

Mummy is sad it’s all over and I’m sure you are. My heart will break a little as I drop you off and walk out of that door. But look how far you have come during your 1st year, how much you have developed, the beautiful , brave, funny, intelligent boy you are growing up to be.

You are one of the big ones now and I know you will look after those little ones starting , show them the way , tell them it’s ok when they cry and give them a cuddle. Your sister will be one of those little ones soon.

Enjoy yourself Archie, learn , play , make friends and giggle. And most importantly always be you.

Good luck.

We love you.


Thoughts, Comments?

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