I have always dreamt of a loft conversion for our home. I would love to convert our loft as it would make a perfect office space for myself.

Sometimes I find it really difficult to concentrate and get very distracted working from home. A loft conversion would mean I could take myself away from home and escape to the top of the house with no distractions.

I would be able to have all of my blog items up there in one place and also a desk space which I so desperately need. I could make it all pretty without James moaning that it was too girly as it would be MY space.

I would also have a little coffee area too as coffee is essential when I am working.

Light is essential for my work when taking photos of beautiful things I have been sent to review so it would need a good windows with lots of natural ight coming in.

I would love three or four  VELUX windows in a row that way loads of natural light would be available.

There are many options when it comes to the roof windows.  The  classic choice of VELUX roof windows are the centre pivot windows but I also love the thought of the automated omes too.

They have an amazing range over at their website. Now I just need to work on James to make this dream a reality.

Loft conversions hold their value really well too which makes a good addition to the house.

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