Dear Mama ,

When you look in the mirror and sigh because your grey roots are through , don’t panic you are beautiful. Nobody sees your roots they just see a beautiful Mama playing with her children at the park.

When you’re doing your best Miss Trunchball messy bun and your three-year old tells you your beautiful , that’s all the proof you need to believe it.

When you really want to lose weight and feel low about your post baby body – Mama chill you grew that baby inside of you for 9 months , created a home and then spent hours in labour bringing said baby in to this world – you ROCK.

When you try to get your pre pregnancy jeans on and the zip wont do up , don’t worry your partner doesn’t see those love handles. They see how much of an amazing Mummy and partner you are and how you put everyone first but you. Enjoy that cake and hot chocolate you deserve it.

Your feeling down because you have nothing to wear so the good old faithful baggy tee comes out – again. Don’t stress your two-year doesn’t care or wont remember what you were wearing , they just remember the awesome time they had that day at the farm with Mummy and how much they giggled.

You no longer have time for the beauty routine and make up , it’s mum bun , splash of water on the face , brush your teeth and out the door. Your meeting a friend for a play date today she doesn’t care , she just see’s a beautiful Mamma who is always there for her. Who will always assure her that her 3 year’s tantrums are all normal and she is not a bad mum for saying she’s had enough this week.

You look in the mirror and see the bags and dark circles glaring back at you. There is a reason for these , a beautiful reason. You spend every waking moment being a fab Mama to your babies , you keep them busy all day, you teach them about the world they live in , you feed them , you enrich them , you read to them at 3am when they have a nightmare. Your beautiful Mama.

Just remember to always be kind to yourself, beautiful Mama.

Love From ,

Another Mama trying to remember this

1 thought on “Mama you are beautiful – be kind to yourself”

  1. I absolutely love this post as it mentions something that I really struggle with: nice clothes! It’s one main reason why we usually don’t go out as my maternity/nursing clothes (from my first pregnancy 5 years ago) are mostly worn out (there’s a different story behind why I won’t replace them atm). But it’s true I always get comments from my little girl stating how beautiful I look in my pretty dress or top 😊 thank you for this post, it has helped me set my priorities right!

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