Since having the little ones I have really noticed a difference in my teeth. They are just not strong at all! Nor are they as white as they used to be. I used to get so many comments on how white my teeth were, but I now feel self-conscious that they don’t shine as bright as they did.

I never really drank much coffee or many fizzy drinks before I had the little ones. I now have to have coffee otherwise I get terrible headaches as I am so used to living off it to survive! As I had two little ones close in age, I would live off coffee in the early days and would have coffee after coffee during the day I would end the day on 5/6 coffees which looking back was ridiculous.


Same with fizzy drinks — they give that 3 pm slump sugar high. I had never been a massive sweet fan before, but after becoming a mum I would also my sugar rush of chocolate or cake (or even sweets) along the way. Of course, all of this is really its toll on my teeth and I blame all of this for my teeth not being as bright white. As a result, I am seriously considering looking into some laser teeth whitening.  

I have also had a lot of trouble with a couple of teeth cracking at the back and had to have one taken out after I had Frankie. This was due to my teeth being weakened in pregnancy, on top of the high sugar consumption. All of this has had a huge effect on my self-confidence, so I think a new set of white teeth would do me the world of good.

I have tried home whitening kits and they make my teeth look white for a few days and then they go back to how they were. There are so many more benefits to having the professional teeth whitening done.

These include the laser is able to reach the entire mouth at once, meaning quicker treatment times and not having to make and keep so many appointments as a busy Mum.

You can also get dramatic results quickly and don’t have to wait for things to work, it can be achieved in one to three sessions, which is fab. I think it’s always better and safer to have this kind of procedure done professionally, too. As you really do not know 100 percent what goes into the home kits and how safe they really are.

I have talked before about body, skin and hair changes after pregnancy. I can’t believe how many changes we go through and how it affects us all around. It has really affected my teeth and that’s one thing I have always loved the brightness of them so I am going to get a plan together to get them back to pre-baby condition.

I don’t even like to show my teeth when I smile in photos, which so isn’t like me. I feel this will really give me that confidence boost I need. It is crazy how motherhood can change you and really rock your confidence. Even the most confident people I have spoken to about this have said the same and have some kind of body/confidence hang up.

Is there anything that has changed since you have had little ones dramatically? If so what did you do?

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