Moving to a more rural area can be expressly beneficial for your spirit, and the spirits of those family members you love unconditionally. But why is this? Shouldn’t we all hope to live in areas where our children can access the most modern facilities possible, in order to truly best their potential as they age? While there is some credence to this argument, it does not automatically mean it’s correct. Moving to a more rural area with a service like Shiply can be of immense benefit to children especially, and serve as a wonderful new adventure to behold.

This article will be concerned with the benefits you, your spouse and children can experience when setting up the golden period of your family home in an environment closer to nature.


The pace of life differs tremendously in less populated environments. A famous study conducted in New York found that viewing CCTV allowed social scientists to predict within roughly 1,000 people the population density of a city. They did this through analysing how fast people walked, and the average length of the conversations witnessed. Of course, in highly populated cities, the walking speed and conversation length were increased and reduced respectively. This means that the pace of life in a city is something that can truly affect the personalities of those who live within its confines.

If you hope to craft slow, memorable and longform stories with your family, consider moving to a place where the pace of life is generally slower. After all, we appreciate life more when we can relax and move at our own speed, especially when one of your largest priorities might be to spend more time with your family. Simply losing that feeling of ‘rushing at all costs’ could be beneficial for reason we needn’t go into.


Developing a peaceful and loving relationship to nature is not only serviceable for those who have an affinity for organic living. The beauty of nature is that it belongs to everyone. Moving to a countryside will give you the peace you desire, thanks to the serene, quiet and open spaces directly near your home. This surely beats busy traffic routes which oppress your sense of open entitlement to the space around you. It’s healthy to raise children in this environment, particularly when they raise to an age in which they desire playing outside and exploring their surroundings.


When the population around you is reduced, you generally become more intimate with your neighbors. It’s not often that you know everyone in your apartment block (nor do you have the incentive to,) but in a rural village or town there’s great utility in befriending your neighbor. This is because you have a keen interest in living as part of the community around you. Intimacy is often lost in highly populated environments. Cities are so convenient that often extending past your social sphere is less rewarding or necessary than making friends with people on your street and looking out for each other’s properties. If you’re looking for more of that community feel (which benefits families greatly,) then moving to a more rural destination could be a great place to start.

You could also have a lot of fun renovating and decorating your new home in the country. There are so many different design and home décor themes to chose from. I would love a black and gold lounge theme with geometrical designs and gold curtains.

Of course, everyone’s different, and not all will be cut out for rural life. However, if you feel that this is of interest to you, or you hope to build a family in a much more peaceful environment, this could be the best place to start.

Thoughts, Comments?

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