They say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can go through in life. Over the years I have moved so many times. I left home at 18 and since then I have moved 14 times and in total 18 houses during my 36 years living in 6 different counties in Wales and England.

You could say I’m a moving pro. We are now finally settled at our forever home which we currently rent but the sale is being completed any day now. Since having our first born we have moved 4 times, so I have a few tips for dealing with moving when you have little ones.

Take your time finding the right place

It may sound like it’s stating the obvious, especially when house prices are anticipated to be pretty low, but you’ve got to find the house that feels right. You need a place that your children won’t grow out of, and will continue to grow with you as well. A house needs character, but it needs to feel like a home. Many people tend to underestimate this, especially when they are so desperate to get onto the property ladder. 

Start early and get organised 

Try ans start as early as possible if you have a moving date to work towards. Start collecting boxes and thinking about what you want to take and also what you would like to take to the tip or the charity shop.

Be ruthless to avoid clutter 

Be ruthless when sorting and packing. Do you really need that bag you haven’t used for the last ten years. There is no point in packing things that you are not going to use and then cluttering your new house with them. I find with little ones they have so many toys and they tend to play with the same thing over and over. I donate to charity shops , nurseries or children’s hospitals.

Hire a moving firm 

If you are short on time get someone in to do it all for you. You can get quotes online for removal companies in your area. You can get companies to do all moving for you and you can pack yourself and just get them to load of move for you. When I had a look online I found a removal service near me called the Man Van which was fab.

Hire a cleaner to do end of tenancy clean 

This can be a godsend , we moved from England to Wales when Archie was 10 weeks old. I had a baby with a milk allergy who didn’t want to be put down. We were still packing at 2am the night before moving. I found a firm that offered end of tenancy cleans so they deep clean the whole house and carpets for you to hand back a spotless house at the end of the tenancy.

Try and get a baby sitter to help with the move 

This makes like so much easier if someone is available to help look after the little ones whilst you are moving and the day after to allow you to get yourselves sorted.

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