I had never really drunk coffee before I had the anklebiters , I was a teacher for 10 years and had such a busy job but rarely drank it. The hours were long in teaching and loads of early morning starts but still I only had the odd cup here and there. I thought I was tired then but this was nothing compared to when I had my two whirlwinds.

From the first night he was born Archie didn’t sleep through not until he was around 9 months old. Then a handful of times before he really started sleeping through regularly when he was 3 and started nursery. This is when my coffee habit began I would have to have one as soon as I woke up then many more throughout the day.

I would have another straight after and then I would grab a double shot coffee when I was out walking trying to get Archie to sleep as he would only nap in the pram or car seat so you I had to be out and about with him. I would also grab my sugar rush of chocolate or cake along the way or even sweets. I had never been a massive sweet fan before either. I would end the day on 5/6 coffees which looking back was ridiculous.

When Archie was around 5 months old I found out I was pregnancy with Frankie. I had to give up the caffeine which was really hard and made me feel so poorly in the beginning. I replaced this for caffeine free fizzy drinks for the sugar rush and I had so many sweet cravings with Frankie my diet consisted of so much sugar.  Frankie was another one who didn’t like sleep so as soon as she was born the coffee habit began again.

I have always had white teeth and people have always commented on them. They still do but I can see that they are not as white as they have always been. I am seriously considering looking in to some stain removal or teeth whitening treatments.  I have also had a lot of trouble with a couple of teeth cracking at the back and had to have one taken out after I had Frankie. This was due to my teeth being weakened in pregnancy and also the high sugar consumption.

I really want to have some work done to my teeth as I had to have a tooth out after I had Archie and also after I had Frankie. I have always hated the way my bottom teeth over lap and would also consider having some Veneers fitted as it really does bother me. I cam across Harley Street Smile online and they have some great options for this.

I have talked before about body , skin and hair changes after pregnancy. I cant believe how many changes we go through and how it affects us all round. It has really affected my teeth and that’s one thing I have always loved the brightness of them so I am going to get a plan together to get them back to pre baby condition.

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