I am America obsessed and always have been from a young age. I just love everything American.

I’m a little in love with American movies and sitcoms. Friends is built-in to my daily routine I have to watch at least two episodes a day or it just doesn’t feel right. I’m a sucker for the American pie movies and all the nineties movies like scream , the craft , I know what you did last summer, save the last dance, 10 things I hate about you. The list is endless.
When I first watched Home Alone 2 I remember saying to my Mum I am going to go there one day. And I did when I was about 24 I went to New York on a university trip whilst I was doing my teaching course. I was amazed , it was only for five short days but I could have stayed there.
For five days I wandered round the city all day and night and took in every bit of culture. I hardly slept as there was so much to do and I didn’t want to miss one second of it.
My breakfasts were in diners, lunches were hot dogs from a stand on the corner. I went to the statue of liberty and fell in love with wall street and the financial district. I spent a few hours one morning just in a book store looking at all the books and drinking coffee. I wish I could have spoken to my younger self then with the perspective I have now. I would have said stay there for a bit longer and do your thing.
My big American dream involves emigrating to upstate New York . I have my sights set on Vermont but anywhere in New England will also do!  I also want a summer-house in the Hampton’s. Really not asking for much am I ?
I would love to have one of those houses you see in the movies on an Avenue with the trees either side of the street. A big outside porch with a swing sofa. I can just see myself cocktail in hand and chilling after the ankle biters have gone to bed. I love the American suburbs way of life where everyone knows each other. Like when you have just moved in everyone bakes you a pie or a cake and the street put on a BBQ for you to say hi or hey as they say it.
We would wander down the street to the village stores and buy fresh lemonade and groceries then carry it all back in one of those brown paper bags. Archie and Frankie would be riding off in front of me each on a red trike with ribbons coming out of the handles and a bell. This really is just a dream I have but if it could be reality I would be there in a flash.

6 thoughts on “My American dream”

  1. This is exactly me
    My big dream
    I want to go to new York for my 40th
    Wanna come ?
    Gonna start saving end of this year or beginning of next year
    Need someone who’s been there to show me around and you seem like the perfect candidate 😊X

  2. Aw yay where in America are you from? Your so lucky – I really would move tomo if I could just love it – thank youu xx

  3. Aww I love this! This is my exact dream too, if only money would grow on trees ay? You can never say never though! You never know what the future may hold out for you! That’s what I’m sticking to anyway haha! Lovely post Hun. Ps I’m totally jealous that you have visited the states full stop! I would Love Love Love to go!! Xxx

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