I thought the terrible twos were crazy hard , then we got to the threenager stage that blew my mind. He was literally a teenager in a 3 year olds body. I had a mini Kevin from Harry Enfield on my hands. I currently have a threenager in the form of his little sister.

And now my Dear Son is four and has entered the Fournado stage and wow has this phase got me at the end of my tether some days and totally exhausted. I thought the days of dropping to your knees after they have gone to bed would be over after those sleep deprived new born days.

Since we have entered the Fournado stage I don’t think I’ve felt so mentally drained as I do some days. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a challenge every day , some days he is an angel.

Here are just a few of the main characteristics of a Fournado – 


Some days I am basically arguing with a mini version of myself. It’s like he has to answer back to everything I ask him to do and just has to get the last word. He even tries to whisper it so I can’t hear him. Years of teaching has given me razor sharp hearing!


When I used to say no to something he would sometimes comply or we would get an all mighty tantrum then quickly move on. Now we get the sulking ! That lip comes out and does it’s best pout with the arms firmly folded. Then there is that cry where they have to cry every word they say , which of course isn’t annoying at all!


Yes fibbing ! At age 4! This is the hard one, I’ll give you an example he was waking up all night last night and wanting to come in to our bed. Of course we say no , so then conveniently he has a bad tummy. He did sound pretty convincing and was sobbing. So we gave in and let him in to our bed , the sobbing and tummy holding stopped instantly. When I mentioned the fact he was perfectly fine now and could go back to his bed , he had a bad tummy again!

Thug life 

Another trait that has developed is thug like behaviour towards us or his sister when he cant get his own way. “Can I have a cracker Mummy” “No sweetie I’m dishing up dinner” so out come the fists! He will try slapping us and running away! It’s like he does it to get a reaction from us ! Yes sure give me a little slap and I’ll happily give you a cracker !


Oh yes he sure is bossy these days ! To be fair he probably gets the trait from me. He wants to do all things his way even if his way is not the right way. I can see a bit of the control freak me in him at times.

I am hoping this stage calms down a bit soon as it has got my hair falling out! And going very grey! I will be booking in to Harley street hair clinic at this rate.

In all seriousness it’s hard work but there are some lovely aspects to it. I love the way he is developing his own personality and sense of humour. It’s also amazing how much his knowledge is growing and how independent he is getting. Anyone else going through the Fournado stage?

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