We have such a beautiful hallway it is huge and so bright and airy. I love the high ceilings and the diamond tiles. Everyone who visits always comments on how lovely it is.

There are so many things I still want to do in the hallway as it has so much potential. I would also love to have a photo arrangement going up the stairs. I

It would be amazing to document the little ones school lives and have their first nursery picture all the way to their last secondary picture. The stairs is the perfect place for this and would be lovely to look back on. I love the idea of missed matched photo frames too. It would be great to pick up some frame in charity shops and car boots and get a few cans of chalk paint.

I currently have my office in the hallway , it’s that big we still have loads of room to have a functioning hallway. I have so many plans for the hallway an would still love to keep the office space here.

I would love a new staircase one that fits in better with the design of the hallway. I was browsing online and came across the most beautiful staircases. I would love something grand but contemporary.

There are so many different options for staircase renovation and I’m excited to find our dream staircase. The glass staircases have really caught my eye – I love that they are contemporary but this design could be timeless.

We currently have a window in the hall way from the porch and also a window at the top of the stairs. There is loads of natural light in the hall way which is fab. I would love to get some blinds designed for these windows.

When it comes to accessories I need to think about a theme. I would love a vintage theme. The windows have deep sills so a vintage phone would look fab on one of them. I am thinking a vintage record player on the hallway window sill. I will have to trawl the charity shops and boot sales for one.

Some vases with plants would also look great dotted around the hallway. I also love the idea of an old-fashioned coat rack , I love seeing those grand hallways with all of the pretty coats hanging up. I’m so excited to start our hallway plans , it will all come along slowly but surely.

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