The 90’s has got to be my favourite era ever it’s where I did most of my growing up and it led me towards adulthood. It was the era of the spice girls, Oasis , Fresh Prince of Bel-air , Nokia 3210’s and so much more.

I lived my best life in the 90’s for so many reasons , I made solid friendships and still have those friendships to this day. Life was much simpler back then there was no technology , mobile phones etc. To us a good time was hanging out in someones house or garage listening to Take That , Spice girls or Oasis on our ghetto blaster or the top 40 we had taped on to cassette the previous Sunday.

The fashion was so much better and I am loving that a lot of it is making a comeback. Standard dress back in 1994 was a baggy tie dye t shirt and baggy jeans. My friends and I also went through the Kappa and Adidas popper shiny jogging bottom phase ! My ying and yang necklace on a black rope that I bought abroad was one of my most treasured possessions and the stack of homemade friendship bracelets my friends and I had given each other.

The food was so much better ! We used to have the best snacks like monster munch in ice cream flavor or the ones that turned your tongue blue ! I will also never forget the walkers crisps with the spice girls on the packet and the chance to win actual money with your bag of crisps , we were all on the lookout for the blue packets inside. The days of Turkey Twizzlers and chips at school !

Saturday nights at home with the family would be the highlight of our week ! We would have a takeaway from the chippy and watch all of our favourites on TV. Including blind date , noels house party , gladiators , bullseye- we used to watch these religiously and belly laugh at Mr Blobby every time.

90’s movies were also the best ! They really do not make them like that anymore. A few of my faves were Home Alone , Mrs Doubtfire , Dennis the Menace , Hook – I have now introduced all of these to our little ones and they love them. 90’s Disney was also incredible with movies like Toy story , Aladdin and The Lion King.

For all of these reasons I will always be obsessed with 90’s nostalgia ! If I see something remotely 90’s whether it be fashion related or memorabilia I just have to get it.

Walkers, the UK’s favourite crisp brand, has teamed up with iconic girl group, Spice Girls, for a nostalgic throwback to the 90’s in its new TV advert that looks to find Walkers Spice Girls Best Ever Fan, during the girls UK tour.

Directed by MJ Delaney from Merman Productions, the 90 second ad that premiered this evening on ITV during the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ad break and will run on TV throughout the summer schedule from 2nd June until the 21st July 2019.

Take a look for yourself here !

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